FMGS Resource


Jeehell FMGS Link to the Jeehell FMGS forum where you can download the latest beta release for Microsoft Windows platforms (requires FSX/P3D). Full install includes the latest A320 model.

Airbus CFM56 Sound pack. Sound files (version 3) created by Frattini Daniele  for the Jeehell FMGS A320 model. Digitally remastered at 32 bit with improved Dolby system effect. Sound files also have filtering for low bass audio frequency effect (bass shaker and subwoofer use). Files must be placed in the aircraft sound directory (e.g.  a320 FMGS JH Project Airbus A320-214\sound).


Installation Guide Read this first to familiarise yourself with FMGS.

User Guide Introduction to FMGS and the systems.

FSUIPC offsets table. Need to link up your cockpit hardware with FMGS? This is the guide you need. Updated tables are included in the latest FMGS release.

Advanced User Setup A guide for users requiring to use the advance features of FMGS. Information may be outdated, currently being updated.

Navigation Data

A dataset by Navigraph or Aerosoft is required for navigation and full MCDU functionality.

Navigraph FMS Data (Cycle 1506, outdated dataset, free download). This dataset is provided by Navigraph for FMGS users. New datasets can be bought and downloaded at Navigraph.  Download and place in your A320FMGS\Navdata\Navdata1 and Navdata2 folder (all clients should have the same Navdata files).

Aerosoft NavDataPro Link to single dataset, payware. A one year dataset is also available.

Updated Magnetic Variation data The original magnetic variation data supplied by FSX and P3D is out of date. Update your navigation data with this package by Hervé Sors.

Kai Tak Navdata You can still fly into Hong Kong Kai Tak with this navigation data (includes Runway, VOR, NDB SID and STARS waypoints). Place into your FMGS Navdata directory and recompile navdata.

NAVUPD Automate the duplication of navdata between the server and all the clients with this tool from Dieter.

FMGS 3rd party Plugins/Addons

FDSMotorTrimWheelCtr Phidget Trim wheel driver by Robert.

FS-FlightControl  A touch optimized instructor station for Lockheed Martin Prepar3D® 1.x, 2.x and 3.x as well as Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Includes failure support for Jeehell FMGS.

Virtual RMP Interactive Radio Management Panel for use with FMGS by spiliot.

Jeehell Instructor Station panel for WideFS Trigger failures using this panel by Martin. Requires a registered version of WideFS.

ECAM Switcher An ECAM module switcher, by Marcello Migone.

TOPCAT A320 Configuration For users of TOPCAT, config files created by ToTom. Place in the TOPCAT\Configurations folder.

CPDLC AOC Client Integrates directly with FMGS. Created and managed by Christoph Paulus.

RAAS Professional Paidware Runway Awareness and Advisory System by FS2Crew. Freeware version FsRaas also available by Planeman.

Instructor Station by Luis Gordo. Includes features specific to Jeehell FMGS – Quick startup from cold & dark to engines started, aircraft positioning  and failures.

LAAP (Live ATC Auto Play) integrates with your RMP (Radio Management Panel) and allows you to tune to automatically.