Builder Notes

In early 2016 a genuine throttle quadrant and pedestal from a retired ANA A320 aircraft arrived. Shortly after, panels for the pedestal, overhead, main instrument panel, and flight control surfaces was acquired. The following are notes on the build process to bring the genuine parts back to life, interfaced as a working flight simulator.

Wallpaper A320Airbus Interfacing

Gear Lever Panel
Autobrake Panel
Terr on ND
Electronic Clock

Pedestal Panel Pinouts
ECAM Control Panel
ECAM Control Panel Direct Wiring
Engine Panel
Flood / Integ Lt Panel (Left pedestal)
Cockpit Door Panel
Rudder Trim Panel

Overhead Panels Pinouts
Flight Control Panels
Aft Overhead Reading Light Panel

Flight Control Surface Pinouts
Ground Spoiler / Speedbrake

Lighting and Color

Aircraft Integrated Backlight Bulbs:
T-1    7152    5V 115mA    11-10980 (#7152 Miniature Bead Grain of Wheat Bulb 5v)
Substitute bulbs available at Aircraft Spruce or Memotronics
** Overhead ADIRS and Fire panel operate at half the wattage (0.3 W) and require different bulbs (#680 Minature Bead Grain)

ECAM Control Panel Bulbs:
P/N OL34172IBPEAF-3192  40ma, 5V Frosted Lamp
P/N OL34172IBPE-3191   40ma, 5V Clear Lamp
MIP, Side console Paint Color DULUX Weathershield (Low Sheen).
RAL 7001, Ultra Deep B   36.00, EE  21.00, G  14.00, M  100.00


Substituting Transducers
Sidestick Solenoid