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FMGS 48.1 Release

07/08/2017 What’s new in B48.1: ———- -Corrected MCDU issue -Corrected IDLE text not appearing on EWD -Corrected EIS1 EGT gauge (correct EIS1 style) -Corrected a few EIS1/EIS2 small graphical details -Corrected a bug preventin triple click to play -Corrected MCDU selected SPD/MACH display in PERF TO and DES pages -Corrected MCDU PERF APPR QNH display … Continue reading

Daniele FMGS Sounds v4

Version V4: New engine sounds and environment. Double version CFM, AIE-V2500 Boosted bass boost and equalization gain. New PTU sound. Installation: Copy the files to the folders corresponding to CFM and AIE. The PTU sound in the “sound” folder in the fmgs server. Download links: Released new version for Jeehell Fmgs sounds. Version V4: New … Continue reading

Safety First #24

Safety First #24

  Download (PDF) Safety first is published by the Product Safety department. It is a source of specialist safety information for the use of airlines who fly and maintain Airbus aircraft. It is also distributed to other selected organizations and is available on tablets. Material for publication is obtained from multiple sources and includes selected … Continue reading