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OEM B737 CDU Conversion (Simstacks)

Flaps2Approach has written about the genuine B737 CDU conversion process using Simstack. This is one way the Airbus MCDU could also potentially be converted; it does pose another challenge for Simulator Solutions as the screen size for an Airbus MCDU is slightly larger than a Boeing CDU. Our friend James in the UK is also … Continue reading

UPDNAV Available for Download

Dieter has published a very useful tool – UPDNAV. When you are running several workstation clients for the flight simulator it can become difficult to update all the individual navdata. UPDNav simplifies this process by automating the copying over to all clients. Translated (German) from the website: Anyone using the FMGS from Jeehell as system … Continue reading

ECAM Control Panel Pinouts

ECAM Control Panel Pinouts

Pinouts for button and LED light control connect to an ARINC 429 board. Upper and Lower Display Unit controlled by a potentiometer. ECAM Control Panel Pinouts Canon plug B  Input Bus 1 (The DMC1 Controls illumination of the ECP Lights): G, H Input Bus 2 (The DMC2 Controls Illumination of the ECP Lights): K, L … Continue reading